Zurich, known for its chocolate, banks, and swans, is a city, that when studied closely, has much more to offer. The impression Zurich has made on me is that of having two personalities. Often characterized by a grey and cloudy moodiness, which gives way occasionally to days filled with sunshine and warmth (even on a cold day).  

The grey days seem to outnumber the sunny ones, but one thing is for certain, you don't take the sun-filled days for granted when you live here.There is an energy and buzz to the city when the sun shines. Life and people abound as the once vacant streets become filled with people walking around simply for the sake of being outdoors - making the most of what is sure to pass too soon.

The birthplace to the Dada movement, places like Cabaret Voltaire and Odeon Cafe were the meeting points of international intellectuals and artists for a period of time. It is a city that does not boast. Instead, its culture and art weave through society quietly and with a depth which slowly, with time, reveals itself. On the surface, a city of structure, order and rules. But slowly, you realize there are many layers underneath that pristine surface.